Wortley Marriage & Family Counselling

Mary Jane is qualified to provide clinical supervision to anyone providing psychotherapy in Ontario.  Her specific areas of interest are sex therapy and/or EFT

Mary Jane qualifies for all criteria for CRPO and the Ontario College of Social Work for clinical supervision.  Supervisees are able to count their hours towards ASTO (formerly BESTCO) sex therapy supervision and towards EFT certification.

In Emotionally Focused Therapy, Mary Jane successfully completed and now participates as a volunteer helper in the follow trainings:

Level 1 and 2 of EFIT

Level 1 and 2 of EFFT

AIRM training 

Core Skills

Hold Me Tight

EFT 4 day Externship

Mary Jane is currently accepting Supervisees.  Please book directly through the website (under appointments) if you would like to set up consultation/supervision.

Group as well as individual consultation/supervision is available currently.